About Us

We specialize in multilingual text-to-speech synthesis services and applications. We are told that we are really good with narrative long text. Just give it a try.

  • Add voice over your content (PowerPoint, Movie etc.) Use our free app right now
  • Add accessibility to your products. Try our demo right now.

We provide high quality voices using CPU-only synthesis. If you are interested in using out text-to-speech in your product, either as-a-service or as an on-prem deployment, feel free to contact us

Online demo

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Increase the accessibility of your website/product by adding voice interaction/narration.

Increase productivity

Ever spent days on adding your voice over a tutorial or presentation. Imagine it could only take a couple of minutes to write the script and synthesize it.

Your personal speaker

You can use you own speaker for synthesis. We provide services for on-boarding new languages and using you own data.


Use our speech API in your app to provide a rich experience to your users. We offer cloud-based hosting and on-prem deployments.

Contact Us

office AT speechtronic.com